Tuesday, January 26, 2010

review: Ex-Games

Hayden and Nick have a history. Now that their best friends are all dating, is it only a matter of time before they hook up again too? Hayden half wants to believe this could be true, but the other half thinks Nick is just playing her. One minute he's sweet and then the next minute he's cold. So they flirt and then fight - then repeat. But things change when Nick challenges Hayden to a snowboarding competition after making some snarky remarks about girls snowboarding in comparison to guys. Now the gloves are off as the school parts down the middle. It's no longer about snowboarding, it's the battle of the sexes and everyone's taking sides. Will Hayden and Nick's relationship survive the competition?

I LOVED the battle of the sexes plot. The flirty banter between the duo sizzles in this sporty winter tale. The romance stands out, but the secondary plots of friendship, insecurities, fears, and limits really ring true. Plus the title and the cover are both eye catching.

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Emma Michaels said...

this sounds great! loved the review so became a follower!