Monday, January 11, 2010

Sherlock Holmes: a review

I found this enjoyable - witty, clever, loved the banter between Holmes and Watson, liked the superior intelligence of Holmes. Rachel McAdams was charming and amusing. The double crossings and knowledge sharing reminded me of the Ocean's 11 movies. I adored the scenery, the quaint English city and buildings. Plus, the ending's left for a sequel or two.

This will be one to show in the library.
Have you seen it?
What do you think?


Sarah said...

I agree, the guys' relationship and banter was my favorite part. It was a little darker than I expected, but was still enjoyable. Mostly because I had a bag of Sour Patch Kids next to me :)

Jessica said...

I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the sequel with Prof. Moriarty! Loved the "Bromance." My mom (who went with me) commented that you could almost smell the "horse leavings" in the streets, but I loved the authenticism of the scenery!

Bookie Nook said...

i did not see it but the comical where like he was a super hero than a detective

joby said...

memory cards

It’s everything you want from a family holiday movie, but not worthy of the world’s greatest detective.