Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: We Can Work It Out

 * Sequel to Lonely Hearts Club *
Penny needs more time in the day to devote to her club and to her new boyfriend. She's trying to juggle everything, but in giving nothing her full attention, she feels like she's letting everyone down.

When the club blows up beyond her wildest dreams, Penny Lane starts thinking bigger. The Lonely Hearts Club wants to hold a local event for other clubs to share their stories and to inspire other clubs.

Except that in putting so much time into her club, she's letting down Ryan. When things start going badly for Ryan, Penny Lane can't help but think she's the cause of his troubles. Can they work out their problems or will she need a little help from her friends to heal her broken heart?

My Thoughts: I Loved the first book, so I was surprised to love the sequel. I loved visiting old friends again and learning more about the Lonely Hearts Club. I love the idea of the club - of the sisterhood that looks out for each other, helps each other, and has each others' backs. Bullies, bad dates, and guys who take advantage of the situation need not apply for boyfriends. I like how the girls thought bigger than just the club at their high school and how they help other groups start their own clubs.

I adore Penny: she's smart, strong, and not about to let people tear her down. I felt bad for her for being pulled in so many directions and wanting to devote all her time to everything. Balance is key in life between work and play and relationships. 

 I really liked Ryan: he's sweet, thoughtful, and understanding. He gives Penny Lane the space that she needs, while showing her that he cares about her too. I really liked Tracey and her dramatics, Diane for being there in the tough times, and Penny's crazy Beatles loving family for their support and antics.

Cover Thoughts: Perfection
Source: My Library
Fun Fact: I started listening to my favorite Beatles album immediately after reading

Final Thoughts: If you haven't read either of these books, read them now. They're the perfect books about friendship and sisterhood with a dash of romance.

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