Monday, February 9, 2015

Mini Review: Brown Girl Dreaming

I've been meaning to read this book for ages and I'm so glad I sat down to read it.

I loved the novel in verse format - I'm a huge fan of these types of books

I loved the imagery - the way I could picture everything perfectly in my mind. I wanted to to be summer turning into fall. I wanted to be with Jacqueline when she went to the library and read books that she loved. I wanted to be with her when she she started writing books and became inspired.

I loved how she wrote about the good and the bad and the things she didn't quite understand.

I loved the moments with her grandparents: sitting on the porch, playing in the yard, and soaking up summer nights.

It's a great read for children of all ages!

Final Thought: It's nice surprise that this beautiful book cleaned up during awards season. If you haven't already - go read it NOW.

Cover Thoughts: Love it! Especially the book opened to magical possibilities
Source: ARC sent for review

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