Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Passion of the Purple Plumeria

 * Book 10 in the Pink Carnation series *

One night, Miss Gwen overhears a Opera singer talking about precious stones to the French foreign minster. As soon as she returns to her lodgings, Jane informs her that her sister is missing.

Agnes Wooliston and her roommate have vanished at least a week ago from Miss Climpson's seminary. Together Jane and Miss Gwen head back to England to search for the missing sister.

As they arrive at the school, Colonel William Reid appears. He's Lizzy's father, who has been in India for years. As neither Miss Gwen nor Jane want to give up secrets regarding the Pink Carnation, they simply ask several questions as to the girls' escape.

The Colonel believes Lizzy might have gone to Bristol to see her sister. Miss Gwen and he travel there together. Only, Kat doesn't live in the same house. They find in a run down apartment, with little money, washing laundry. Colonel Reid can't believe his eyes. It's clear Lizzy hasn't been there. Not sure what else to do, the pair make tracks towards the coach. However, they're ambushed on the way and the Colonel's stabbed in the side. As the attackers run off, they make a remark on how they weren't told the pair would be armed.

Someone doesn't want the girls to be found. Could they have been captured because of Agnes's tie to the Pink Carnation or is there another more sinister plot at work?

My Thoughts: I love this series. I love how the time changes from 1805 to present day where Eloise and Colin are looking for the same jewels that the opera singer mentions. In the present day story, I like that Eloise and Colin are thrown together with Jeremy under the pretense of making their relationship more...cordial. I love learning more about Colin's family history and the relationship between Eloise and Colin.

In the time of the Pink Carnation, I love Miss Gwen. She's bright, witty, and has a sharp tongue to match her mind.  She's fearless and enjoyed the spy game. I admire her strength and her journey from a spinster to being second in command to Jane as well as Jane's protector as her chaperone. I liked finding more out about Miss Gwen's past.  A fantastic addition to this charming series.

Cover Thoughts: Great - love the purple dress
Source: Sent for review
Due Date: August 6th


Susan said...

I can't believe I haven't read anything in this series yet. And now I'm so far behind. I really need to get started!

Jessica said...

SOOO jealous you've read this one. I need more reading time! LOL