Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Bloodline Rising

Cai can blend in anywhere – making him the perfect thief. He’s known as the Ghost. He moves through the shadows and has amazing balance. He gives his loyalty to the King of Thieves, hoping one day to rule his world.

One day, his King gives him an impossible task.

Cai does his best to retrieve the information. However, he hears more than he’s supposed to hear. This information concerns his family and he races back towards them.

In Cai’s line of work, there’s always a rival wanting to take out down. It happens at the worst possible timing for Cai and before he can figure out what happens, his world goes black.

When he awakes, he finds himself on a ship. He’s headed to the very place his parents fled. Cai knows that he can’t go back home, but he has to create the best future for himself.

Could the people his parents’ fled from be part of his future?

My Thoughts: The companion novel to Bloodline takes place twelve years later. I loved the time period and the historical aspects of the book. Cai’s strong, bold, determined, stubborn, and impulsive. He has a unique sense of honor and loyalty. While I loved Bloodline, I couldn’t quite connect with Cai.

Cover Thoughts: It's ok, but it doesn't capture my attention

Source: reviewed for Teens Read Too

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