Friday, November 14, 2008

Book's I'm Greatly Anticipating

this one JUST came out

Sea Change (comes out in June)

Pretty Little Liars: Wicked
read chapter one

Some Adult titles too:

(whenever this book actually appears...)

This list is just a sampling of books if no particular order.
Please be sure to add any you're anxiously awaiting too.

and lastly, these two books which I was lucky enough to read early
but thought them wonderful

in taking one last look at this list: I realize that I'm severely lacking in knowledge of upcoming "guy reads" So please share those as well


Rachel said...

Hi - found you on Twitter (I'm @raquelita and also @cupcakeblog) and was excited cause I am all about YA (well, other genres too). I love the cover of Death by Denim. Death by Bikini is one of many books I've bought and then...not read. It's somewhere in my apartment, I must dig it out and read it so I can be ready for this one!

Melissa Walker said...

Love this list! Lauren Baratz-Logsted is talking about boy books over at Teen Fiction Cafe, so come join: