Monday, August 28, 2017

Middle Grade Review: Keys to the City

Lindy isn't thrilled about her homework for the summer. She's supposed to figure out her true passion in hopes of making things easier when it comes time to pick out high schools. Lindy doesn't know her passion and she's jealous of some of her friends who seem to have it figured out.

Plus, her parents moved across town to open and Bed and Breakfast. They're fighting all the time because no one has booked a reservation.

Lindy's new friend Tyler is visiting his grandmother for a month because his parents are going through a rough patch. Meeting him makes Lindy worry about her parent's future. 
My Thoughts: I really liked this one, which isn't a surprise because I love this author. I liked that Lindy is adopted. It adds to the drama about discovering her passion, making her wish she knew more about her birth parents. I love how Lindy looked around the city for her passion with the help of a family friend. I loved her friendship with Tyler and of course his dog. I loved Lindy's journal writing. I liked how Lindy doubted herself, but came to realize her strengths. Another great middle grade read.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Grab this one and hand it to kids who are unsure of their passions or filled with self doubt. 

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