Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Post

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the Jack O'Lantern Spooktacular at the Roger Williams Zoo. It's an impressive site with 5000 pumpkins carved and sculpted. There's tons of people, but it's a fun night.

This year, the pumpkins were darker and as a result, most of our pictures came out poorly.

Here's a few good ones:

a pirate

A howling wolf

The North Pole - where they had fake snow falling and a awesome Santa pumpkin
(that didn't come out right in our photos)

Harry Potter (using flash which we were not supposed to do)

A clock tower with rotating pumpkins - also with flash

A Castle

The Cat in the Fiddle

Celtic Pumpkin


Lots of Faces

Pumpkin Face Finale
Pumpkin Face Finale

2 comments: said...

Wow! Those pumpkins look amazing!!!

Jessica said...

This is really cool! They do this every year??? I'm gonna have to go next year. :)