Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: Daughter of the Flames

Zira , trained in martial arts, hopes to become a warrior for her people. That day will never come, at least not as she expects. Zira has a hidden past.

Her real name is actually Zahira Elfenesh . She's the youngest of the royal family and the only member of the family to survive the fire. Her adoptive mother tells her about her past right before she dies, leaving Zira all alone in the world on the night their enemies attach their holy home.

Now, with her new found knowledge, Zahira knows she must be the person to save her people. There's a man who owes her a favor. She leads her people across the land to his fortress. Her people are not happy to be accepting his help as he's an outside and a cultural enemy. However, Zahira puts her trust in him.

Before Zahira comes up with a plan for her people, she learns her Uncle is responsible for both of her mother's deaths. He's also responsible for her people's oppression. More than anything, she wants to take him down.

The only way to beat her Uncle is to come together- the radicals, her people, and her new friend Sedorne Lord. Can she convince her people join forces with the enemy for a higher purpose - when joining forces means her marriage to Sedorne Lord?

My Thoughts: A great fantasy read with a strong heroine, small romance, and a family mystery to unravel. I loved watching the events unfold: the details of her birth, the memories coming back of her family, leading her people, and the danger from her Uncle.

Cover: Awesome! I love the flames surrounding her.

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