Wednesday, November 18, 2009


New York high society returns with Dina absent from town; she’s taken up traveling to find her true love. He signed up for the army rather than deal with his new scheming wife. Will they find a way to be together after all? Meanwhile Dina’s sister gains a new house and finally discovers something suspicious about her new husband. He’s not very nice, but was she too late in discovering the truth? Penelope’s husband leaves her for the army but she finds a prince visiting New York. He takes a keen interest in her and she might have mistaken Henry as the highest society. Who wants to be a lady when she could be a princess? Carolina throws the biggest party of the year and everyone wants an invitation. In the midst of all the people she’s worked so hard to fool, she finds herself lonely until a certain boy returns home. Could wedding bells be in her future? There’s love in the air and these girls are determined to find their happily ever after. They’re not about to let anything stand in their way including each other. In the final book of this series, love is won and lost, fortunes gained, society whispers about these grand ladies as reputations dwindle and soar, and betrayals occur all in the quest for happiness.

I've heard a lot of talk about this book recently on facebook - about the loose ends not perfectly tied up. I confess I liked the ending. I think there's room for a spin-off series. But I also thought that it was similar to life chapters, we caught a glimpse in these characters lives and then we're left to imagine the rest of their journey. I can see both sides, but I felt the ending romantic - more imaginative - than I had anticipated. And of course I LOVED the covers of these novels - just gorgeous.

If you read, what did you think of series ending?

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Lawral the Librarian said...

I, too, loved the ending! While we all, of course, would have loved to see a certain twosome end up together and see a certain someone else fall a little lower, I don't think that perfect ending would have been true to the characters.

I think if Diana and Henry had stayed together in New York and been all "respectable" and such, my happiness over a satifying love story would have been completely overwhelmed by my dissapointment. It would have made Diana just like everyone else. I can see why everyone's upset, kind of, but I love the way things ended.