Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Bitter Blood

 * Morganville Vampires Series 13 - with some SPOILERS from previous books *

Peace has come to Morganville; both the humans and the vampires are rising out of the ashes from the last fight. Joined together, they defeated their common enemy.

However, as the city begins to rebuild, it's clear that tensions are still high. Humans are under the impression that they will be on equal footing with the vampires. But it's not long before the vampires make it clear that's not going to be the case.

Amelie's acting strange and things are starting to get out of control. Even Myrnin believes it's time to run.

Claire and her friends attempt to change things by creating a very unique and very strange scenario for the town. At the moment, almost every in town, human and vampires alike, hate them. They're angry about the wedding and at Shane and Claire for standing by their friends. Everyone is in danger and it's only a matter of time before their luck runs out.

My Thoughts:  I adore this series! It's one of the few vampire books I still read and look forward to. I've always liked that vampires are not good, but dangerous creatures. This series has always stood out to me and it's one I constantly hand out to both teen and adult patrons at the library looking for vampire books.
This installment of the series goes further than ever with the multiple perspectives, which I have mixed feelings about. There are times when I love it and I'm happy to see what's going on in the other character's heads. But there are times when I miss the tale being told from only Claire's perspective. I know this series is coming to an end and it seems like the emotional tension, drama, action, and danger is at an all time high. Combined, these elements make this book almost impossible to put down. 
That ending?  HOLY CLIFFHANGER ENDING!!!! How is that possible? Gah! Now I need Fall of Night ASAP! I have no idea where this series is headed anymore, but that's all part of the fun!

Up Next: Fall of Night comes out May 7th 2013

Cover Thoughts: I like it, especially the woods behind Claire.
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